Thursday, December 17, 2009

long time, no see........

well, i am finally posting pictures of Eden's birthday. we had a fun little party in brookside at kyle's parents house. she had the worlds coolest cow cake and tons of family and friends there that love her. she is an amazing little person and i am in awe sometimes that she is mine. still can't believe that i was lucky enough to be her mom.

Eden eating her birthday cake. she couldn't resist sharing with everyone.

more cow cake
blowing out her candle. i look like a complete idiot but she looks adorable.

cute picture of her and grandma hall. eden loves her "namma".

being a little goof ball. she was pulling faces at everyone.
but this is only one we caught on camera.

Monday, September 14, 2009

settle in for a good read.......

ok, so are you ready for the updates of our life? well, i started my third semester of school the third week of august. it is going good. we will be studying labor and delivery, pediatrics, and mental health. i have class thurdays from 1pm-5pm and clinicals on friday nights from 6pm-6am. So, my time away from Eden is alot less than the first year. i will keep this clinical rotation for the last year. so i will be a night owl. i have done three night thus far and it seems as though this semester, clinical wise, will be pretty emotionally draining for me. my first night i was in the neonatal intensive care unit and it was hard. we were only responsible for two babies but one was really sick and took up so much of our time. it is hard to work around babies that should still be growing in a mommy's tummy. the saying of the NICU nurses for the babies is: if you touch me i will die, if you don't touch me i will die. there is a fine line to walk with these little ones. i don't know if i will ever be cut out to do that type of nursing. it takes knowledge and compassion that i just don't have. not that someday i won't but now it pushes me so far outside of my comfort zone it feels like i would never be competent enough for such a highly skilled area of nursing. i came home that morning so grateful that Eden was born perfect and healthly. i went into her room and stared at her for a long time just being thankful.
my second rotation was on the mom and baby floor which was much less hectic. our moms were healthy and our babies were healthy. but i kind of felt like me and my nurse were just glorified waitresses. we do a lot of fetching. getting drinks, sheets, snacks, bringing the babies to the moms, taking the babies back to the nursery. overall it was a great experience but it helped to cement that i am a surgical junkie. not that i didn't learn alot on the floor. i just wouldn't love what i did, if i was a mom and baby nurse.
and last friday night i was on the mental health floor. and it was.........interesting. psychiatric nursing is whole other ball game. much less clinical skill and much, much, much more theraputic communication. also, was taken outside my comfort zone but surprisingly enough found it to be rewarding and i enjoyed it. so just goes to show, you never know what you might be good at.
ok, so enough about school, but i think this blog my become my form of therapy to assist me through the rest of school without becoming a patient on the psych ward. seriously though, i need an outlet for stress, thought, emotions, and what better place than a blog, right? anyway.......Eden will be one on the 16th. holy crap! my little baby is going to be a year old. i can't believe how fast the time has zoomed by. it makes me feel a myriad of emotion: happy, sad, hesitant, and eager. we will have a party for her on saturday and it will be fantastic. she is so amazing i still can't believe we were blessed enough to have her entrusted to us. we will learn much more from her than we could ever hope to teach her. if our living/employment/school situation were better i would be thinking "time for another"! but that won't happen for awhile. i'll just try to find time to be a passing student and a good mommy to eden. the rest will find it's own way of working out.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Shhhhhhh don't tell.........

so, i'm at clinicals in the psych ward. all the patients are sleeping and i'm updating my blog because the hospital has complimentary wi fi. fantastic you say. i also say fantastic. that is the perk to clinical rotations at night and that is when everybody is sleeping you don't have much to do. but my time is limited so i will keep it short. i have to leave the unit at midnight and it is oh, 11: 42 so i'll be gone shortly. it has been much too long since i updated pictures. i have a few of my favorites that we have taken lately.

sleeping with daddy. ah, so precious.

eden on the porch in her favorite chair.

what a ray of sunshine?

just love this one

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Latest and Greatest......

here are Eden's most recent kiddie kandids pictures. she wasn't amused by our photographer and thus we don't have any real authentic smiles but we have a few cute "personality" shots. Kyle's little sister, Laura, came with us and the two of us couldn't even get her to crack. we were making absolute fools of ourselves and Eden just gave us a look like, "you are so unamusing to me". it was great. she is really settling into her own personality and it is soooo much fun to watch.


grouchy time

this was the closest to a smile we could get. you can see her little teeth on the bottom.

oh, so cute.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello Again.......

i know, i know, i know. it's been way tooo long since i have updated. i currently live in internet HELL!!! all we can get in brookside it dial up and i do not have the patience necessary for a task such as this with that. so, i'm at my mommy's house. since my last post i have finished school (for the summer), took a trip to san diego, hiked in zion, and had our first fourth of july and swimming experince with eden. eden is FANTASTIC. not crawling yet, but perfectly content to sit and scoot around. she jabbers all of the time. and even gets a legitmate word out every now and again. she loves her papa's (grandpa's) and GG (grandma gayle). she is spoiled rotton and she knows it. we wouldn't change a thing about her. sorry there aren't any pictures, i will post shortly with pictures. I PROMISE!!!

i have been working a few days a week for the summer and it has been good. it's always nice to do something other that being a mommy to help you be a better mommy. if that makes any sense. i guess i mostly get out of the house and recharge my batteries. not much going on other than that.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moving Again....

Well, it's official, we are moving at the end of the month. So in like a week or so we will be invading the in-laws with all of our stuff. Mostly eden's stuff. All of you with kids know that there is a plethora of crap associated with babies. We figure we might as well let our families help us while we are in school. I am finally on the downhill slope of this semester and feeling pretty good about it so far. All i have left is 5 more classes and a coulple of tests. Oh, and a boatload of clinicals, but i'm almost done with my first year of nursing school. Yahoo! and then i can hang out with Eden all summer. I have been toying with idea of going back to work. Not full time but a few days a week to practise my nursing skills. Yeah, i got skills. Well, kind of.

Eden is fantastic. She talks so much now. Well, not actually words but she sure seems to think they are. She is just growing so fast and is an absolute blessing. Dj and Heidi gave us an over the door frame jumper and she LOVES it. I can put her in it and she will play for like an hour which is fanstastic so I can actually get something done. She loves reggae music, too. Notice the Ziggy Marley in the background on her video. She and kyle will watch Bob videos online forever. We have been wanting to get her a Bob onesie but none of them are quite girly enough. Her hair is a mess and I sound like a tool, but she is pretty cute. The one redeeming factor of this entire post. (once again pause the blog music to hear the eden video)

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm back.......

Hey Everybody! So I am now back from by blog hiatus and am feeling guilty about slacking off lately. I have been crazy busy with school. I have 20 clinical days above and beyond class. It's the information this semester is tough, I feel like I'm studying all the time. We had a test this last week and I got a 90% which is FANTASTIC!!! It's nice to see hard work pay off. We are also able to do legitmate nursing skills at clinicals, too. I feel like I am finally getting somewhere. Of course I have some new pictures of Eden. Kyle has been watching her while I'm at school and he is a picture taking fool. Thank goodness he is or I would miss everything.

Eden asleep in her carseat. Kyle hates her bows, but I think she's just trying to be the dude off of Star Trek.

She loves her dinner. I even got all domestic and made my own baby food. Seriously!!

Just chillin' in her highchair nawing on a biter bisquite. Praise the Lord when a tooth actually comes in.

The girls on Bon's way through town. I miss her!!!

Eden loves her carrots!!!